Donald Trumps Jeb Once Again

You either think of him as the fire extinguisher to America’s flame, or the gasoline. Whichever way you look at it, there is a more in-depth truth.

His advertising managers are spot-on.

I will admit, one of my previous articles called out Trump on not saying anything new, but this week, a major curve-ball was thrown. Right in the face of Republican Candidate Jeb Bush. Since the race began, Trump has been continuously laying down the hammer on Jeb. This week, he decided to take one more swing.

Redirecting to

Heres the link:

Apparently Jeb’s team hasn’t quite been up to date on their payments, which, if you’re dealing with the wrath of Trump, means thats an open invitation for that awesome slap in the face.

Not only just humiliate him, take away hits to his site.

For every person who wants to read up on why Jeb Bush would be the next ideal president for America, they will be instantly directed to trumps site. This then takes the attention away from Jeb and gives it to Trump. With a domain name like, you can only imagine that the site receives massive amounts of traffic and now add that traffic to the rhino that is Trump.

This should be a warning to other candidates.

Keep your guard up.

Trump is a man who knows his business. Any slip or fault that you make will be instantly picked up by Trump’s campaign and used against you.  This genius display of marketing sabotage is a perfect example of the kind of lengths that any candidate could take.