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Kanye West = Not An Established ROI

Kanye West claimed he was $53 million dollars in debt. He is now asking for Mark Zuckerberg to help fund his next projects.

Kanye West, being one of the more prolific and successful artists that this generation/decade has sat through, is no joke. He’s dominated the rap game, took over the fashion world, married into America’s equivalent of royalty, and has made headlines through interrupting actual musicians.

All this has accumulated more wealth than any of us can really imagine. Unfortunately for him, his lavish lifestyle might have caught up with him.

Now, generally whenever Kanye says something controversial, I take it with a grain of salt. But $53 million dollars is a scary thing to owe no matter who you are, and with his public outcry to the Facebook mogul, Mark Zuckerburg, my guess leans more towards truth.

Kanye’s recent purchases have somewhat solidified my guess.

Renting out Madison Square Garden can be costly, especially for ones own fashion show. There are no investors ready to front the bill for that venture, so Kanye fronted it himself. Thats money that he just dropped with no apparent return and thats a lot of money. Think of it this way,  you would never put all your advertising eggs in one basket (or ever) without an almost 100%  guarantee of a successful ROI, but Kanye did. This shows he doesn’t have the ability to successfully calculate any sort of return.

Lets take a look at his more recent performances. Kanye spend astounding figures for his live shows. This makes it tough for a return. With a 60-foot-wide circular LED screen, a custom soundsystem, and a 50-foot-high mountain that could change into a volcano you can bet the budget for his shows are astronomical. Also with his limited appearances and cancelations, this makes for spending a lot without getting anything back.

Overall, Kanye’s networth is $145 million dollars, but there might be a reason he hasn’t gotten a response back from Mark Zuckerberg in regards to a partnership.

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