Have Advertisements Lost Us?

The world of advertising is hit or miss. Its always been. Agencies now have statistics that can predict how well an advertisement is going to do at what time and on what station. It also matters what demographic that station adheres to.


If you’re 65+ years of age, then chances are you’re retired and you possibly spend days watching daytime television. You’ll see more ads for prescription arthritis medication, AARP, Life Insurance, and other items that would assist in elderly related lifestyles.

Those ads are simple. They also need to be. See, the elderly don’t have the same perceptions as we do. They didn’t grow up with Meme’s on the internet. They didn’t have the internet.  All the ridiculous shock-value antics of modern television and advertisements don’t reach out to them as effectively as someone in their early-mid 20’s.

Now if you’re looking at this and going “huh?” thats okay. It doesn’t make sense. Its not supposed to. But it got your attention and kinda made you laugh. Thats what modern advertisements are going for. They have all their chess pieces ready for the execution and they just need that final creative that will entice and stimulate their demographic for 30 seconds or less.

This skit from Dave Chapelle sums it up perfectly:

As I have admitted previously, advertisements like this can be really effective. They can also miss by hundreds of miles. When coming up with something like this, you’re walking a tightrope. If you make it across you are greeted with success. If you slip, then you plummet to your death.