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Facebook Canvas = A More Effective Way of Advertising

Facebook just released a new product for advertisers. Facebook Canvas will allows you to advertise through Facebook on mobile. Where most ads will simply send you to the site via your browser, Facebook Canvas lets you view a simple and concise link for people to view ads. The idea is to take away that 15…

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Turning Heads = Stopping Thumbs

This week, Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerburg told the world that the future for social media is video. Now, with the invention of Youtube, Vimeo, Liveleak, and other various online video media outlets, you would think that this was a no brainer, but lets take a look at how the process has and will come about.…

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Kanye West = Not An Established ROI

Kanye West claimed he was $53 million dollars in debt. He is now asking for Mark Zuckerberg to help fund his next projects. Kanye West, being one of the more prolific and successful artists that this generation/decade has sat through, is no joke. He’s dominated the rap game, took over the fashion world, married into…

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Donald Trumps Jeb Once Again

You either think of him as the fire extinguisher to America’s flame, or the gasoline. Whichever way you look at it, there is a more in-depth truth. His advertising managers are spot-on. I will admit, one of my previous articles called out Trump on not saying anything new, but this week, a major curve-ball was…

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Is it time to Free the Nipple?

“Free the Nipple” is a growing movement throughout the country. With more and more supporters joining each day, the movement has gained a large number of traction in terms of following. Women across the country are going topless in high traffic areas and are generating a lot of buzz about why they should have the right…

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