We’re Acquisition Drivers

When Anthony Pitts — the 400 million dollar marketer — joined DraftKings in 2012, no one expected such a massive growth curve: from 651 paying customers to over 2 million in four years!

Under his leadership, the company scaled its customer base at a remarkable rate while decreasing the cost of customer acquisitions.

Before Draftkings tony spent over seven years in the digital ad tech world overseeing the successful completion of thousands of advertising campaigns that spanned multiple industries while finding actionable ways to use his theoretical understanding on how to increase company yield through advertising.

Tony’s slightly unconventional path began with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Carnegie Mellon which eventually led him to complete a Master’s in Political Science at the University of Rochester.

He is an empirical thinker who has a strong statistical background and a studied understanding of the qualitative drivers of the human decision-making process.

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